How to View Disk Usage Using duf Command line Tool

Duf is a free and open source disk usage command line application for Linux, BSD, macOS & Windows. It comes with colorful output, terminal theme, change the width, sort the output results, output the result in JSON, you can groups & filters devices and more. It is written in Go and released under MIT License.


Download duf [Linux, BSD, macOS & Windows]

How to Install duf on Ubuntu

To install duf on your Ubuntu Linux system, run below command in the terminal application (ctrl+alt+t).

sudo apt install duf

Display Disk Usage Using duf

After the successful installation of duf, just run below command.


You can sort and display the output by size, usage, used, mountpoint, avil, inodes,type and filesystem. The below command sort by size.

duf --sort size

Now using below command, you can display only mountpoint,size,usage. In this way you can hide and show specific columns.

duf --output mountpoint,size,usage

You can set the light theme using below command.

duf --theme light

For the complete usage details run below command.

man duf
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