Xfce Terminal Emulator

Xfce Terminal is a free and open source terminal emulator application for Linux and primarily for the Xfce desktop environment. But you can install and use on all other Linux system. It comes with drop down window support, multiple tabs per window, unlimited scrolling, full colors support, fonts, transparent backgrounds, customize the look and feel, double click support, copy input to all tabs, customizable toolbars, session management and multi-head support and more.

Xfce Terminal Emulator

How to Install Xfce Terminal Emulator on Ubuntu

To install the latest version of Xfce Terminal, run below command in your Ubuntu terminal app (ctrl+alt+t)

sudo apt install xfce4-terminal -y

It will install the latest version of Xfce Terminal on your Ubuntu Linux. After the successful installation of Xfce Terminal run below command to open it.


Xfce Terminal Emulator settings

You can also open it via the Show Apps menu from the Ubuntu dock.

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