antiX Debian based Linux OS

antiX is a free Debian based Linux operating system for your super old computers. It is lightweight, fully functional, fast and systemd-free Linux distribution for Intel-AMD x86 compatible systems. You can even run antiX on 256MB old PIII systems. It comes with legacy, 64-bit UEFI, and 32-bit UEFI live bootloaders support, live-usb F8 Save feature, live Persistence mode, live Remaster, snapshot and Frugal Install support and more.


It comes in four versions full, base, core and net for 32 bit and 64 bit systems. Full which installs a all the applications, Base allows you to choose your own application, Core and net allows user to have total control over the install but net needs internet connection.

Download antiX Linux OS

How to Install antiX Linux OS

In this antiX installation video you will see the installation method of antiX on Virtualbox. But you can also use the same method in your real hardware (PC or laptop).


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