Xnec2c NEC2 Antenna Simulation Application

Xnec2c is a free and open source antenna simulation application for Linux. It comes with high-performance multi-threaded electromagnetic simulation package to model antenna near- and far-field radiation patterns. It comes with built-in NEC2 input file editor, accelerated Linear Algebra, on-demand calculation and many more.


How to Install Xnec2c on Ubuntu

To install Xnec2c on your system, you need flatpak and flathub on your system. If you don’t have then install flatpak and flathub on your systen using below commands and restart it after the installation.

sudo apt install flatpak
flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub https://flathub.org/repo/flathub.flatpakrepo

After that open the terminal app (ctrl+alt+t) and run below Xnec2c app using below command.

flatpak install flathub org.xnec2c.Xnec2c

After that open Xnec2c using below command.

flatpak run org.xnec2c.Xnec2c

And you can also uninstall it using below commands.

flatpak uninstall org.xnec2c.Xnec2c


sudo flatpak uninstall org.xnec2c.Xnec2c
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