How to install Translate Shell on Ubuntu – Command-line Translator Tool

Translate Shell is a free and open source command-line translator tool for Linux, macOS, BSD, Android and Windows. It uses Google Translate, Bing Translator, Yandex Translate, and Apertium engines to translate your queries. This tool formerly known as Google Translate CLI but now it uses four different sources to get result. The default is Google Translate but you can switch easily to other provides. It is very good tool for non-native English speaker command line users. By default, this tool translate the given words to English.

Install Translate Shell on Ubuntu

You can install Translate Shell command-line Translator Tool via the default Ubuntu package manager or via the direct download.

Ubuntu Package Manage:

Open the terminal (ctrl+alt+t) app and run these commands. Enter your ubuntu user password if needed.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install translate-shell

Direct Download:

You can also install it from the self-contained executable file and make it as executable.

chmod +x ./trans
sudo mv trans /usr/local/bin/

Then move it to your $PATH.

Google Translate From Command line:

In your terminal run this command to find the language codes.

trans -R

This will help you to translate from one source language to other target language.

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Below you will see some examples:

Note: by default, translate shell will translate any language to english.

Translate Spanish to English

trans Hola

You will get output like below.

For the whole sentence, put inside the quote.

trans "Hola como estas"

Translate content from file:

trans file:///home/manikandan/hello.txt

Translate to other than English:

You can specify the target language by -t

English to Dutch

trans -t nl Hello

English to Dutch, Czech & Greek

trans -t nl+cs+el Hello

Translate from a specific language

You can also specify the source language by the -s

trans -s es Hola

Translate a website

below command will translate a english website to spanish

trans -t es

click the link in your terminal.

You can also identify the language, if you don’t know the language.

trans -id Hola

For the complete Translate shell usage details run this command.

trans -M
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