rTorrent Command line BitTorrent Client

rTorrent is a free and open source command line BitTorrent client application for Linux, MacOS. It uses ncurses and is ideal for use with tmux, screen or dtach. It comes with built-in daemon mode, save sessions, you can add and remove torrent files, throttling files, Upload download speed rates, download ratio, estimated completion time, ip reported to the tracker, current upload download speeds, peers and many more.

rTorrent bittorrent application

How to Install rTorrent on Ubuntu

To install the latest version of rTorrent, run below apt install command.

sudo apt install rtorrent -y

After the successful installation of rTorrent, you can open it using below command.


Now press the backspace key from the keyboard and paste your torrent file url and hit the enter key. It will start the download. then Use tab to view directory content and do auto-complete.

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rTorrent add torrent

For the complete usage details click here

Also use the below command.

man rtorrent
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