How to install Fedora 15 on Oracle virtualbox

How to install Fedora 15 on Oracle virtualbox.

Softwares  used

Fedora 15 ,Download fedora from here
Virtualbox 4.1.0.Download  virtualbox from here
Windows 7

1.Open Oracle VM VirtualBox and click New to create a new virtual machine.

2.Then click Next button.

3.Enter a name for the new virtual machine and select operating system and version.Here operating system is linux and version is Fedora.And click Next.

4.Select the amount of base memory(RAM) to the virtual machine and click next.

5.Create a new virtual hard disk to be used as the boot hard disk and click next.

6.Choose virtual disk file type and click next.If you do not need to use it with other software just leave this unchanged.

7.Choose Dynamically allocated and click Next.

8.Select the location and size of the virtual disk and click Next.

9.Then click Create button.

10.Click Start and ok.

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Note:Here the Host Key is Right Ctrl
11.Click next in first run wizard. the media which contain the setup program of the operating system you want to install then click next.

13.Then click Start


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