How to install MOC Music Player on Ubuntu – Command line Music player

MOC is a free and open source command line terminal music player for Linux. MOC or Music on Console comes with similar to Midnight Commander UI and playlist support. But you can play files without creating playlist, just select that audio file to play. It is very easy to use and light weight music player. It also comes with gapelss playback, Icecast and shoutcast streams and OSS, ALSA, JACK and SNDIO output support. It support MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Musepack, Speex, WAVE, MOD, WavPack, AAC, SID, MIDI, MP4, Opus, WMA, APE, AC3, DTS and more file formats.


Install MOC Music Player on Ubuntu

You can install MOC Music Player on Ubuntu from package manager. Open your terminal app (Clrt+Atl+T) and type the below command press the enter key to update your package list on ubuntu system.

sudo apt-get update

Then run the below command to install MOC Music Player and MOC Music Player ffmpeg plugin.

sudo apt-get install moc moc-ffmpeg-plugin

After the successful installation of MOC or Music on Console, run the below command to start it.


If you get any error like this

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“Running the server…
Trying JACK…
Trying ALSA…
mocp: alsa.c:319: alsa_read_mixer_raw: Assertion `RANGE(0, vol, 100)’ failed.

FATAL_ERROR: Server exited!

Then just turn your volume level to less than 100% and restart your terminal and run again . It will work.

For the usage help, after running MOC Music Player just press ‘h’ key for complete help and manual.

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