W3m Command line Web Browser

w3m is a free and open source text based web browser for Linux. Using w3m, you can browse web pages through a terminal emulator. It supports table, cookies, bookmark, authentication, ssl, proxy, color support, history, mouse and keyboard support, frames, images support and lot more. You can also use it as a text formatting tool.

w3m browser

How to Install w3m on Ubuntu

w3m is available by default in most of the Linux Distribution including Ubuntu. If not then, install the latest w3m on your Ubuntu Linux system using below apt install command in the terminal application (ctrl+alt+t).

sudo apt install w3m

After the successful installation of w3m, run below command. It will open connectwww.com website in your terminal windows.

w3m connectwww.com

You can navigate using mouse, keyboard and right click on inside the terminal to access more menus. For the complete usage details of w3m use this command.

man w3m
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