Xpano Photo Stiching App

Xpano is a photo stitching software for Linux, Windows and macOS. It comes with the ability to automatically detect groups of images that can be stitched together into stunning panoramic images. This can save users a significant amount of time and effort, as they no longer need to manually select and arrange the images. Once the images have been stitched together, Xpano offers users a range of useful tools and features for previewing, cropping and exporting their panoramas.

Xpano Photo Stiching

Using this app users can preview their panoramas, zoom in and out, and pan across the image to get a closer look at specific areas. It also includes a crop mode, which allows users to select the exact area of the panorama they wish to keep, and an auto-fill boundary feature that helps to seamlessly blend the edges of the panorama.

Xpano also offers a range of projection types, which can be selected according to the user’s preferences. This includes the ability to create cylindrical, spherical, and flat panoramas. You can also export finished panoramas at full resolution, ensuring that the final image is of the highest possible quality.

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Download Xpano

How to Install Xpano on Ubuntu Linux

Xpano is available as a flatpak package file from the remote flathub. If you don’t have then install flatpak and flathub on your system and restart it after the installation.

flatpak install flathub cz.krupkat.Xpano

It will install the latest version of Xpano on your system. You can start Xpano app using below command.

flatpak run cz.krupkat.Xpano

And uninstall Xpano using the below flatpak command.

sudo flatpak uninstall cz.krupkat.Xpano

That’s it.

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