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Google Translate Adds 10 More Languages

Starting today, google adds new ten languages to Google Translate:  Chichewa, Malagasy, Sesotho, Malayalam, Myanmar, Sinhala, Sundanese,Kazakh, Tajik, and Uzbek. Current number of languages supported by Google Translate is 90. These languages are available...


200 million active google translate users

Google announced that its language translator service Google Translate hits 200 million monthly active users. Translation via Chrome, mobile apps, YouTube and from other services are not included in the count. And more than...


Google Translate – New 5 indian languages

Starting today,google supports new five experimental alpha languages:  Tamil ,Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada and Telugu.Current number of languages supported by Google Translate is 63. Google also enabled a transliterated input method for those of you...