Crow Translate – Translate Text Using Bing, Yandex & Google Translator – Install Crow Translate on Ubuntu

Crow Translate is a free and open source translator software for Windows and Linux. It uses Google Translator, Bing Translator and Yandex Translator to translate the text. It also speak the text using the Text-to-Speech technology. It is written in C++/Qt and using own QOnlineTranslator library. It is released under open source GPL-3.0 License. It support more than 117 different languages and customizable shortcuts. It also comes with Command-line interface, D-Bus API support and copy to clipboard.

Install Crow Translate on Ubuntu

You can install Crow Translate via the native deb package file on Ubuntu. Just go to the below download link and download the latest Crow Translate in .deb file format. Save it on your Downloads folder.

Download Crow Translate

Then open the terminal application (ctrl+alt+t) and run this command to navigate the Downloads folder.

cd Downloads

Then run this command

sudo dpkg -i crow-translate-2.3.2-amd64.deb

Here “crow-translate-2.3.2-amd64.deb” is downloaded Crow Translate .deb file. You can change this command based on your file name.

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Then run below command to install the missing missing dependency.

sudo apt install -f

After the installation, click the show applications from the Ubuntu dock and search for Crow Translate. Then click Crow Translate to open it.

Crow Translate is a simple looking easy to use tool. First click the + symbol to add the language in both sides. That is in original and translated fields.

Then type your text in the left side box and it will automatically translated on the right side.

Command-line usage:

In terminal app run this command. You will get the complete usage details.

crow -h
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