Taskwarrior Command line Todo List Manager

Taskwarrior is a free and open source command line todo task management application for Linux, Windows and MacOS. Using Taskwarrior, you can create, delete and manage your task and add due dates and recurrence easily. It also comes with priorities, tags, project groups, filter task, report, human-readable text files for storage, JSON support, extension scripts support and more.

How to install Taskwarrior on Ubuntu

Taskwarrior is available from the default Ubuntu repositoriy. Open the terminal app (ctrl+alt+t) and run below command. It will install the latest version of Taskwarrior on your system.

sudo apt install taskwarrior

After that run below command to create configuration file and a data directory.

task version


Type yes and press the enter key to confirm it. It will create configuration file and a data directory.

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Create Task

You can add new task using below command. Just replace “My First Task” with your task.

task add My First Task
task add My Second Task

Taskwarrior add task

List all Tasks

Now run below command to list active tasks.


Taskwarrior list task

To mark task 2 as completed, run below

task 2 done

Taskwarrior task done

Delete the task permanently

You can also delete your task permanently using below command.

task 1 delete

Taskwarrior task delete

For the complete Taskwarrior usage details, run below command

man task
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