O3DE Open Source Real time 3D Engine

O3DE is a free and open source real-time 3D engine for Linux and Windows. Using O3DE, you can create high quality games and simulations. It comes with modular components, high-fidelity, AR / VR / XR support, visual scripting with Script Canvas, and Lua scripting language, physically-based photorealistic renderer, low-latency 3D transmission, CMake build system and many more.


Download O3DE [Windows, Linux]

Download O3DE [Linux]


2.5 GHz Intel or AMD processor with 4 physical cores
DirectX 12, Vulkan-compatible, or Metal-compatible video card with 2 GB VRAM minimum
4 GB VRAM recommended
40 to 100 GB of free disk space
1366 x 768 px screen resolution

How to Install O3DE on Ubuntu

To install the latest O3DE on your system, download O3DE in the .deb package file format from the above download link and save it on your Downloads folder. Now open the terminal app (ctrl+alt+t) and run below command.

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Note: Here “o3de_2305_1.deb” is the downloaded file name. You can change below commands based on your downoaded fle name.

sudo apt install ./Downloads/o3de_2305_1.deb


sudo apt install ./Downloads/o3de*.deb

After the installation, you can open it using the Show Apps menu. And you can also uninstall it using below command.

sudo apt remove o3de

Install O3DE via Snap:

You can also install O3DE via below snap install command.

sudo snap install o3de --classic

And uninstall it using below command.

sudo snap remove o3de
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