fping Ping Tool for Linux

fping is a free and open source ping program for Linux. It sends Internet Control Message Protocol echo probes to network hosts. You can use this tool for network diagnostics and statistics similar to ping. It comes with multiple targets support, input a hosts from txt file.


Install fping on Ubuntu Linux

You can install fping from terminal command-line tool. Open terminal software using ctrl+alt+t keys or via application menu and run below fping apt installation command. It will install the latest fping on your Ubuntu Linux system.

sudo apt install fping

fping Examples:

1. Ping single host

fping due.im


2. Ping multiple host

fping due.im google.com wikipedia.org


3. Display targets with ip address and hostname

fping -A -d due.im google.com wikipedia.org


4. Display targets by IP Address

fping -A due.im google.com wikipedia.org


5. Scan range of IP Addresses

fping -s -g -r 1


Run below command to view the complete fping command usage details.

fping -h

That’s all.

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