How to View World Map in Terminal Using MapSCII

MapSCII is a free and open source command line world map application for Linux. It is a A node.js based Vector Tile to Braille and ASCII renderer. It comes with OpenStreetMap map data, offline support, discover local VectorTile/MBTiles, you can also connect any vector tile server, customizable layer styling with Mapbox Style and more. It is released under MIT License.

MapSCII app

How to Install MapSCII on Ubuntu

MapSCII is available as a snap package file from the snap store. Open the terminal (ctrl+alt+t) app and run below MapSCII snap install command. It will install the latest version of MapSCII on your system.

sudo snap install mapscii

After the installation you can run below command . It will open the MapSCII app on your terminal window.


Now you navigate using your mouse by drag the map and use your scroll wheel to zoom in and out. It also supports keyboard shortcuts up, down, left, right arrow keys to scroll and a or z to zoom in and out. Press c to switch to block character mode and q to quit.

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