Microsoft Edge’s Surf Game

Microsoft introduced a new small fun browser surf game in its Edge browser. This game was launched initially before Ignite 2019 and available for Insiders since February. Now you can play this game in your stable version of Microsoft Edge browser. It is similar to Google Chrome’s hidden dinosaur Easter egg game. You can also play this surf game when you are offline. This means Microsoft Edge will show the game link when you are not connected to internet. Now this surf game is a permanent “offline game” for Microsoft Edge.

How to play Microsoft Edge’s hidden surf Game

Update your Microsoft Edge browser to version 83.0.478.37 and later. If you don’t have the browser download from below link.

Download Microsoft Edge

Open your Edge browser and navigate to below address. This game will help to pass some time when you are offline.


You can play this surf game with your keyboard, mouse, touch, and Game pads.
Game controls are spacebar and left, right arrow keys for keyboard.

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Microsoft Edge surf Game features:

You can choose your character profile in this game from availble seven profiles. This game comes with Let’s surf mode, Time trial mode and Zig zag mode. You will find all modes in the game settings menu. In Let’s surf mode you can surf and avoid obstacles and the kraken. In Time trial mode you can surf as fast as you can. In Zig zag mode you can surf through as many gates as you can in a row. This game comes with personal high scores, high visibility mode and reduced speed mode.

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