Microsoft Edge Standalone Offline installer

New Microsoft Edge is a Chromium based web browser from Microsoft. It uses the Blink browser engine which is used by Google Chrome. It is still in development stage. In future it will replace the current Microsoft Edge browser. The development version of new chromium based Microsoft Edge browser is now available from this link.

And if you download the browser from this link, you will first get the online web installer. It is small in size and you need to run this file and it will download and install the whole browser from the internet. You need active internet connection during the installation. And if you want to install it on many computers then it is a waste of time and data. To avoid this you can now download latest version in Standalone Offline installer from the below link.

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Download Microsoft Edge [Standalone Offline installer]

Click the download button from above link and click Accept and download. It will download the Standalone Offline installer of the latest Chromium based Microsoft Edge browser.

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