How to import notes from Evernote to OneNote

Now you can import your Evernote notes to Microsoft OneNote easily via the new microsoft Onenote Importer Tool. OneNote is a free note taking, information gathering and multi-user collaboration tool from microsoft. First go to microsoft evernote to onenote Importer Tool homepage and download the the Importer Tool. It will work with PCs from Windows 7 and later versions of windows ( windows 8 , Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 ).


Now there is two options available for import from evernote . One is download and install the evernote on your windows pc or alternatively you can select an exported Evernote .enex file. Microsoft recommends having Evernote for Windows installed. If you dont have evernote on windows just download and install evernote on your windows pc and Sign in to Evernote for Windows with your Evernote account and make sure your latest notes are synced before importing.

The downloaded Onenote Importer Tool installer file size is less than 7M. Just double click the the installer. Accept the terms and click the Get started button.
Onenote importer welcome screen
Now select your Evernote notes and click next button.

select evernote note

Signin with your microsoft account to login One Note.

signin with microsoft account

signin with microsoft account 2

You can also select Use Evernote tags to organize content in Onenote. Then click Import button.

organize ervernote content

It will take some time depending upon your note size and internet connection. Please wait till end.


Thats it, now open your Onenote to check your evernote notes.

Download Onenote Importer Tool

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