How to Enable Reading Mode in Google Chrome

Reading Mode or Reader Mode or Simplified View or Distill Page View is a feature that allows users to view a web page in text mode without CSS style formatting, JavaScript, images, ads, videos and without any distractions. Google Chrome also comes with built-in Reader Mode feature but you need to manually enable that feature. Google is rolling out the new Reading Mode in Chrome 115.0 and later versions in phases.

Open Google Chrome web browser and type below in the address bar and press Enter.


It will open Google Chrome Experiments page. Now type reading mode in the Search flags search box. You will get reading Mode experiment.

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google chrome reading mode

To enable Reading Mode, select Enabled from the drop-down box.

Reading Mode enabled

Then click on Relaunch button to restart Google Chrome.

Chrome experiments relaunch

Now you have successfully activated and enabled new Reading Mode feature in Google Chrome.

Now Click the Show Side panel in Google chrome.

chrome reading list

To open a web page in Reading Mode, click on the Reading list drop down and select Reading mode.

Google chrome reading mode enable

Now open any web page in browser and you will get that page in reading mode in your sidebar.

Google Chrome New Reading Mode

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