Get Your Website Crawled by Alexa and solution for NO DATA problem

To avoid no data problem in alexa, open and type your website address in the search box.Click  search and click get details. Below the no data graph you will find “Learn more about Alexa Traffic Stats”. Click this (Learn more about Alexa Traffic Stats) link. Now click Webmasters on the left side of the side bar. Bottom of the page you will see a Crawl My Site box. Just type your website address and click Crawl My Site. After the site submission it normally takes within 8 weeks. And one more useful tip install alexa toolbar.

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12 Responses

  1. Purus says:

    It has been 5 years. I wish you could update this post…!

  2. chris says:

    for over 5months alexa has not showed my rank and my traffic is coming

  3. Piyush Chordia says:

    Yes , Alexa has removed the “Crawl mt site” link. Still trying to figure out how to fix the issue. Shall post a comment if I find the solution.

    • Piyush Chordia says:

      Finally the alexa ranking has re-appeared. What I did was logged a complain on using “” and then waited. Alexa’s team replied saying the site din’t have enough visits hence the rank was revised from some rank to no data. However after 15 days , the rank re-appeared. Obviously during these 15 days, I did publish around 4-5 new articles.

  4. Evans says:


    Nice tip.

    But…. seems Alexa took out the Crawl My Site box you mention… No longer there.

    Any other advise?


  5. Lose Massive Weight says:

    I think alexa going to stop free service.

  6. Contact2akhilesh says:

    yes , there is no such option as crawl my site. please tell me another way. my site is showing good in global rank but not showing regional data. thanks

  7. nigerian jobsite says:

    Please help, my site is not showing regional data on alexa

  8. Britclaims says:

    Its very useful information about alexa indexing. I follwoed the steps and my website indexed by alexa in 3 days

  9. tayyab says:

    very nice post i like this.

  10. Ingrida says:

    Would like to bring to your attention, that Alexa Webmasters section do not have a crawl my site box anymore. Any other options maybe?

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