How to install Musikcube on Ubuntu – Terminal Music Player

Musikcube is a free and open source terminal based music player like cmus and MOC for Linux, MacOS and Windows. It is released under BSD 3-Clause license. It also comes with audio engine, library and streaming audio server. web socket server runs on port 7905 and an http server runs on port 7906. It also comes with a android app and using this app you can remote control and stream audio from musikcube.


Install Musikcube on Ubuntu:

You can install Musikcube terminal music player via deb package file. Go to the Musikcube download page and download the latest version .deb file for your version of ubuntu.

Download Musikcube

Here the downloaded file name is “musikcube_linux_3.0.0_amd64.debb” and downloaded location is Downloads folder. You can change the below commands according to your file name and download location. Then open your Terminal (ctrl+Atl+T) app and run the below command.

sudo apt install ./Downloads/musikcube_linux_3.0.0_amd64.deb

During the installation, if it ask about the confirmation type y and hit enter to confirm. After the installation run the below command in terminal to start Musikcube.


Musikcube user guide

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Note: If you get any error like below

This application requires a UTF-8 compatible LANG environment variable to be set in the controlling terminal. Exiting.

Then run the below command to set the Locale in a Terminal


export LANG=locale


export LANG=en_IN.utf8

To obtain the list of available locales in your system, run the following command:

locale -a

You can also install Musikcube terminal music player via GDebi Package Installer. Install GDebi Package Installer with the below command in your terminal app.

sudo apt install gdebi

If you don’t want to install it via terminal, then you can also install GDebi Package Installer via Ubuntu Software app.

After that right click on the downloaded Musikcube terminal music player .deb file and select open with other software and choose GDebi Package Installer.Then click install Package. Type your Ubuntu user password if needed. It will install Musikcube terminal music player on your Ubuntu system.

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