How to install Atom Text Editor on Ubuntu

Atom is a free and open source text editor for Linux, Mac OS and Windows from  GitHub. It comes with Built-in package manager, autocompletion, File system browser and Multiple panes support.Atom is build with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Node.js and runs on Electron framework. Atom Reaches One Million Active Users in the month of may.

Atom Text Editor
You can add new features and functionality to Atom via open source packages.You can change the theme of User Interface and syntax via freely available themes or you can create your own theme.

Install Atom Text Editor on Ubuntu

Go to the Atom home page and download the .deb file or you can go to the Atom releases page and download the atom-amd64.deb file.
Atom install
Double click the downloaded .deb file. It will open the Ubuntu software center. Just click the install button and type your ubuntu password.After the successful installation restart ubuntu and click the Dash home from unity launcher. And type ATOM in the search field.Then click Atom.

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Atom Text Editor is now available as Snap app. To install Atom as a snap, run the below code on terminal.

sudo snap install --classic atom

How to update Atom on Ubuntu:

Currently the atom for ubuntu or linux does not automatically update. You will need to repeat below steps to upgrade to future releases.

Download the latest atom in .deb file format (atom-amd64.deb) from the release page.

The default download folder is Downloads. Open your terminal app and type the below command and hit enter.

cd Downloads

The run the below command.

sudo dpkg --install atom-amd64.deb

And type your password and open atom.

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