How to install Atom IDE on Ubuntu

Atom text editor is a open source text editor for Linux, Mac OS and Windows from GitHub. Atom IDE (IDE-Integrated Development Environment) is a new Atom package from GitHub and Facebook that provides some IDE like features to Atom text editor. The main features are context-aware auto-completion, code navigation, outline view, go to definition and find all references, hover-to-reveal, errors and warnings information and document formatting.

Install Atom IDE on ubuntu

To install Atom IDE on Ubuntu, first you need to install Atom text editor Beta 1.21 or later. Currently it supports TypeScript, Flow, JavaScript, Java, C# and PHP. Follow the below steps to install Atom text editor on Ubuntu.

How to install Atom Text Editor on Ubuntu

After the successful installation of Atom text editor, open it and in the editor click the Edit menu and select Preferences option. Then click the Install menu option.
Then type atom-ide-ui in the search field and click the packages button.

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Then click the install button to install Atom IDE.

Install Atom IDE language package:

Then in the package search field type your favorite IDE language package and install it. Example if you want to install PHP. Type the below in the search field and click the the packages button. And then install it.


All currently supported IDE language packages

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