How to Download or Save Twitter Videos and GIF files on Pc

You can’t save videos or animated GIFs on Twitter like right-click the video or animated gifs and save it. But using the below tricks , you can save or download the videos and animated gifs on your pc without any third party software or service. just follow the below steps to download it.

Download Twitter Videos and animated GIF files on PC:

First copy the tweet link which contains the video or animated gif you want to download. To copy the tweet link, click the menu/ down arrow from the tweet and select Copy link to Tweet option. It will open the tweet link in a new window. Right click and copy it.

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Now add mobile. in front of the in the copied link.

Original link:

Modified link

Then open your favorite browser and go to the above modified link. Then play the video. Right click on the video and select Save Video As option. And choose the location and name it and click the save button. It will save the video in mp4 format.

Note: The animated gifs are also save as mp4 files. To make it gif again, use ezgif service.

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