How to Share a Video on X Without Reposting

If you’ve ever wanted to share a video on X (Twitter) without hitting the Repost button, you’ve likely faced a challenge. Unlike some platforms, X doesn’t offer a straightforward download option. However, there’s a workaround that lets you share the video while respecting the original content creator. Here’s how:

Why Share the Video Embedded in Your Post?

Before diving into the method, let’s understand why sharing the video embedded in your post is beneficial:

Stat Inclusions: All interactions generated by the post, including likes, comments, and shares, will be accounted for in your statistics.

Respect for Authorship: By sharing the video embedded in your post, the author’s name will be prominently displayed at the bottom of the multimedia content, ensuring due credit is given.

Customization: You retain the flexibility to add your own text to the post, adapting it to your preferred publication style, while still referencing the original content.

Here’s the step-by-step process to share a video on X without reposting:

Share a Video on X (Twitter) Without Reposting

Copy the Link: Begin by copying the link of the tweet containing the video you wish to share. Once copied, proceed to compose a new post.

Edit the Link: Next, edit the link in your post to ensure the embedded video appears correctly. Remove the characters from the interrogation mark to the end, which are typically parameters.

Add ‘/video/1’: Append ‘/video/1’ to the end of the URL. This step ensures that the video is embedded correctly within your post.


If the original tweet URL is

twitter video link

after editing, it should appear as follows:

Twitter Video

Share Your Post: Once you’ve edited the link correctly, your post is ready to be shared on X. If executed properly, your post should display the embedded video seamlessly.

By sharing videos in this manner, you uphold the principles of respect for content creators on Twitter. Notably, the post will clearly indicate the source, allowing viewers to access the original author’s profile with a single click.

If you opt to download the video from an external application and upload it to your Twitter account, always remember to credit the original creator.

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