Create Instructional Handwriting Videos with Scribl

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Scribl is a free and open source educational video making application for Linux. Using Scribl you can make easy animated Handwriting Instructional videos for your video project or tutorial. It is written using Rust and released under open source Apache License 2.0. It comes in three drawing modes draw in super slow motion, Draw in slow motion and Draw in real time.

You can also set fade effect, add and record audio with your video. It also comes with de-noising and speech detection options. You can export your video in mp4 file format.




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Bypass Youtube’s Age Restrictions on videos

Sometimes you need to sign in or confirm your age every time to view age-restricted videos on Youtube video site. This is bit annoying for some user. To watch that type of videos without singing in, just use the below method.

Bypass Method:

This is really easy and simple method.
Just replace




in the video url.

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XMedia Recode – Audio and Video Converter

XMedia recode is a free audio and video converter software for windows. It is available in German, English, French, Italian and Japanese Languages. It supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 OS and it is available as Installer and portable. The downloaded file size is less than 13MB.

XMedia recode can convert almost any type of audio and video formats. It supports more than 70 input formats and lot of output format. For the complete list of input and output formats click here.

XMedia Recode


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jPlayer – HTML5 Audio and Video Player for jQuery

jPlayer is the free and open source media library written in JavaScript and it allows you to add audio and video into your web pages.

Platforms and Browsers:

Windows: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9
OSX: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera
iOS: Mobile Safari: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Android: Android 2.3 Browser
Blackberry: OS 7 Phone Browser, PlayBook Browser

Media Support

HTML5: mp3, mp4 (AAC/H.264), ogg (Vorbis/Theora), webm (Vorbis/VP8), wav
Flash: mp3, mp4 (AAC/H.264), flv

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How to setup Google Talk Multiple Sign in

Program: Google Talk
OS:Windows 7
Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Completion Time: 2 Minute

To setup Google Talk Multiple Sign in

1.Download and install Google Talk.

2.Create Google Talk shortcut in desktop.
(To create shortcut go to Start menu->All Programs.Right click on Google talk,select send to and then select Desktop(create shortcut)

3.Right click on your Google Talk Desktop shortcut and select Properties.





in Target field and click Ok

5.Now you can run multiple instances of Google Talk


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HandBrake – multithreaded video transcoder

HandBrake is a free multithreaded video transcoder for MacOS X, Linux and Windows.

Main features:

Chapter selection, Chapter Markers
Vobsub and Closed Captions
SRT import and passthru
SSA passthru or burn-in
Constant Quality or Average Bitrate Video Encoding
Support for VFR, CFR and VFR
Video: Deinterlacing, Decomb, Detelecine, Cropping and scaling
Live Video Preivew

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