3D browsing in firefox 11

Note: Mozilla has removed the 3D View from Firefox 47 onward.

Mozilla firefox team has included a 3D browsing view in mozilla firefox 11.

“Web developers can now visualize a web page in 3D using the Page Inspector 3D View”
From firefox 11 release note.

To enable this 3D view in firefox

1.Download and install firefox 11

2.Open firefox and just go to your favorite website connectwww.com.

3.Click the Firefox orangeĀ  button.

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4.select Web Developer and then Inspect,

5.On the Inspect toolbar,Click 3D(M) button.

6.just left-click and drag to rotate the page and move mouse wheel to zoom and get the 3D effect.


Video Version:

Program: Firefox 11
Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Completion Time: 1 Minute

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