Firefox Quantum Tips and Tricks

Mozilla released Firefox Quantum on November 14, 2017. Firefox Quantum is just a another name for Firefox version 57. It comes with the new Servo rendering engine written in the Rust programming language, Stylo Quantum CSS engine, Multi-Process support, Screenshots, WebExtensions, WebAssembly and WebVR support and with new Photon Design theme for its UI.Firefox Quantum is now 2 times faster as compared to previous versions of Firefox.

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Firefox Quantum Tips and Tricks:

Disable Animations and effects in Firefox:

This new firefox 57 Quantum version comes with new User interface animations and effects. Disabling these Animations and effects in Firefox will speedup your new firefox. Type and enter the below url in address bar


Then click the “I accept the risk!” button. Now type the below in the search box


The default value is true, just double click on the toolkit.cosmeticAnimations.enabled option or right click and select toggle. It will turn off all the animations on your Firefox browser.

Remove Preferences Search Box:

This new Photo design theme adds search box in your firefox Preferences option page (setting page). If you dont like this then you can remove it by going to about:config page.

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In Firefox address bar type about:config and hit enter. Then click the “I accept the risk!” button. Now type the below in the search box

Double click on the option or right click on the option and select toggle menu to remove the Preferences Search Box from you firefox browser.

Disable all Pocket features in firefox:

Pocket is mozilla’s read-it-later service, which is now deeply integrated with the new firefox. To disable all Pocket features your need to go firefox’s about:config page in firefox. Type and enter the below url in firefox.


click the “I accept the risk!” button. And search



And double click on extensions.pocket.enabled option. That’s all.

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