Is it a Scam? BitDefender’s Scamio AI Promises to Provide the Answer

In the ever-expanding landscape of online threats, BitDefender introduces Scamio, an innovative AI tool designed to empower internet users in their battle against scams. With the prevalence of spam and scams on today’s internet, individuals who may not be tech-savvy often face challenges distinguishing between genuine offers and deceptive messages.

Bitdefender Scamio AI scam detector [Free]

BitDefender’s Scamio aims to address this issue by offering a user-friendly solution. To access Scamio, users only need a BitDefender account, making it a hassle-free experience. This free service operates entirely online, eliminating the need for downloads or installations. The initial version is currently available on Facebook’s Messenger app, with plans to extend support to WhatsApp and Telegram, both Meta products, in the future.


Operating similarly to other AI-powered tools, Scamio allows users to interact with the AI through an input field. Users can input text, links, or images into the chat for analysis. BitDefender promises a comprehensive threat analysis and scam detection, coupled with practical tips and tricks to help users steer clear of scams.

Scamio offers three primary input options:

Analyze Text: Users can write or paste text into the field for analysis, whether it’s a chat message, an email, or any other text they want scrutinized.

Check a Screenshot or Image: Uploading a screenshot or image, such as a QR code, allows Scamio to analyze its content.

Verify a Link: Users can paste or write a URL into the field to have it checked by the AI.

Upon processing the data, Scamio delivers its findings, indicating whether the content is deemed a scam or not. While the AI currently lacks the capability to provide specific reasons for its assessment, incorporating this information could enhance users’ ability to avoid future scams.

Additionally, Scamio offers general tips to avoid scams, though these tips are not directly tailored to the user’s input. It’s worth noting that the “give me some tips to avoid scams” option, while functional, may take a minute for the AI to return with seven tips.

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