How to Remove Avast Antivirus E-mail Footer Signature

Avast is one of the favorite free antivirus program in the computer world but one small feature is annoying many users. Back in 2015, Avast added a new feature called Avast email signature. This feature adds a mail footer message like below in your email.The Supported email clients are Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Zimbra Desktop, eM Client, Inky, Claws Mail and some other. It is also adds the footer to your web based email clients also like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook Mail.

Remove Avast Antivirus E-mail Footer Signature:

If you don’t like this email footer message, Just follow the below removal steps.

Open your Avast Antivirus and go to setting menu. For this i am using Avast Free Antivirus 17.2.

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Under General Menu you will find Enable Avast email signature option. Just uncheck it and press the OK button. And restart your system. That’s it.

For older versions: (Before Avast 2016.11.1.2241)

Open Avast and go to Settings. In the settings window, go to the Active Protection tab and click Customize next to the Mail Shield option. Then click the Behavior tab. Then Uncheck “Insert note into clean message (outgoing)“.

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