How to install ClamAV (Clam Antivirus) on ubuntu

ClamAV is a free open source cross-platform antivirus engine.It comes with multi-threaded scanner daemon, command line utilities for on demand file scanning and automatic signature updates.The application was developed for Unix and various third parties have developed versions of ClamAV to work on a variety of operating systems like Windows, Linux, OS X, BSD and Solaris.

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Install ClamAV on Ubuntu

To install ClamAV on ubuntu, Open your terminal.To open terminal click the Dash home from unity launcher.And type terminal in the search field.And click Terminal.Type the below command in the terminal and hit enter.

sudo apt-get update

Type your ubuntu password.
After that type the below command in terminal to start the clamav installation.

sudo apt-get install clamav clamav-daemon

Type Y and hit enter to continue the installation.

To update the virus definition database, type the below command in terminal and hit enter.

sudo freshclam

If you receive any error during the virus definition database update restart your pc and try again and again.

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How to scan your system using ClamAV

To scan all files on the computer, type the following command in the terminal.

sudo clamscan -r /

clamav scan

Install ClamAV GUI

ClamAV Does not come with a GUI by default. To add the GUI, just install the ClamTK. ClamTk is a frontend (GUI) for ClamAV (Clam Antivirus). To install ClamTk, use the below command in terminal.

sudo apt-get -y install clamav clamtk

After the successful installation of ClamTk restart ubuntu and click the Dash home from unity launcher. And type ClamTk in the search field.Then click ClamTk.

ClamTK Virus Scanner

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