Find IP Address of a Domain in Terminal

In your Linux system you can find the IP address of a domain in your terminal application without any help of third party web service. You can also check multiple domains at once. This article explains how to get the IP address of a domain in command line method using the terminal application. We are using Ubuntu to test all these commands. All these command-line tools are per-installed in your Ubuntu system. Open your terminal application (ctrl+alt+t) and run all below commands one by one to check the results.

1. Find IP Address of a Domain using host Command

Host Command is a simple command-line application to perform DNS Domain Name System lookup operations. In terminal run


host command

In short

host | grep "has address" | sed 's/has address/-/g'

host command

2. Find IP Address of a Domain using nslookup Command

nslookup is a free network administration command-line tool for querying the DNS records.


nslookup command

3. Find IP Address of a Domain using ping Command

ping Packet Internet Groper is a free and small networking tool.

ping -c 3

ping command

4. Find IP Address of a Domain using dig Command

dig is small command-line tool for querying DNS records and also called domain information groper.


dig command


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That’s all.

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