HTTPie Command-line HTTP Client – Install HTTPie on Ubuntu

HTTPie is a free and open source modern command-line HTTP client for Linux, MacOS and Windows. You can use this tool to test and debugging the APIs, HTTP servers, and web services. It comes with JSON, HTTPS, proxies, and authentication support. Some other important feature are syntax highlighting, persistent sessions and extensions support. You can also do Forms and file uploads and Wget like file downloads. It is based on python and released under BSD 3-Clause License.


Install HTTPie on Ubuntu

You can install HTTPie via your terminal application. Open your terminal app (ctrl+alt+t) run below commands one by one.

sudo apt update

Enter your Ubuntu user password i needed.

sudo apt install httpie

You can verify the installation by below command

http --version

Request URL using HTTPie


httpie url

Download file using HTTPie

http --download

For the complete usage details run this command.

http -h
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