How to solve Realtek RTL8723BE weak wifi signal problem in ubuntu

Realtek RTL8723BE is wireless network adapter. It will work well with windows but it will cause weak wifi signal problem in ubuntu based linux distributions. And the wifi is only works when you sit next to your modem. Realtek RTL8723BE wireless network adapter has problems in managing the antenna on Linux. This will lead the weak wifi signal problem.

Solution for Realtek RTL8723BE weak wifi signal in ubuntu:

Open your terminal.To open terminal click the Dash home from unity launcher.And type terminal in the search field.And click Terminal.


Type the below command in the terminal and hit enter.


Note down the wlp number. Here (in my case) its wlp13s0


Go to the below link and download the new driver zip file to desktop and unzip it to the desktop.

download driver

In the terminal windows type the below code and press enter.

cd Desktop

Then type the below code and press enter.

cd rtlwifi_new-rock.new_btcoex

then type below command and enter.



Type and enter

sudo make install

Type your ubuntu password.

then type below command and enter.

sudo modprobe -rv rtl8723be

Then type below line of code in your terminal and press the enter button.

sudo modprobe -v rtl8723be ant_sel=2


then type and enter.

sudo ip link set wlp13s0 up

Then type below command in terminal and enter.It will scan all networks with signal strength.

sudo iw dev wlp13s0 scan


To make the settings permanent,type below command in terminal and press enter.

echo "options rtl8723be ant_sel=2" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/50-rtl8723be.conf



Note: After your OS (Kernel) update, you need to apply these settings again to get strong signal.

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27 Responses

  1. don dougall says:

    Update to previous post – the problem returned after a couple of reboots. Will look into kernel issues as mentioned to Ailien.

  2. don dougall says:

    Bless you my saviour. You have no idea how many days I spent trying to dual boot Mint 18 on an hp laptop when the wifi connection simply was erratic on MInt but fine on W10.

  3. rishabh says:

    hatsoff dude worked like a charm

  4. boopathi says:

    when i typed that cd rtlwifi… then enter it says no file or directory

  5. Allan says:

    Why has this driver not been rolled up into the distro?

  6. NOman Ansari says:

    thanks alot, it worked for me perfectly.

  7. Anvita says:

    Hey Manikandan! It worked perfectly for me. Thank you so much!
    I use Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on Lenovo Flex 2.

  8. Sudu says:

    That’s a really awesome fix..! Thanks a lot buddy..!!

  9. Robert says:

    Hello Manikandan, just wanted give you a big thank you for the instructions ! Everything works well now =)

  10. Life says:

    After trying this command,
    “sudo modprobe -rv rtl8723be”

    I get this..

    libkmod: ERROR ../libkmod/libkmod-config.c:635 kmod_config_parse: /etc/modprobe.d/rtlbetcoex.conf line 1: ignoring bad line starting with ‘options’

  11. Damien says:

    Thank you very much 🙂 recently set up a dual boot to do some work and really needed to be able to use this at school (which I couldn’t because of the very weak signal reception). This was a really really big help. I just applied this and will keep monitoring to see if it sticks but in either case: great and easy to follow guide!

  12. al says:

    Worked for me the firts time but after the reboot it stopped working… when i try tyo do it again it still dont work and my wifi conections aren’t working

  13. ladeb says:

    thanx man

  14. Thangasivam says:

    Nandri Manikandan. Helped a lot. Step by step procedure was awesome. A kubuntu user.

  15. AIlien says:

    When I type “make” in rtlwifi_new-rock.new_btcoex directory it returns the following error:

    error: initialization from incompatible pointer type [-Werror]
    .flush = rtl_op_flush,

    and then:
    error: (near initialization for ‘rtl_ops.flush’) [-Werror]

    So I can not continue with the whole process. My laptop is a HP 250 G4.

    Thanks anyway 🙂

  16. Mohit says:

    You ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!

  17. Vikas says:

    Thanks Manikandan, it really helped. But I faced prob;em again after the updates I had to repeat the above steps. Could you suggest a shortcut for that.

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