System Program Problem Detected in Ubuntu by Apport and fixing methods

After the last OS update, during my system startup i was greeted with system program problem detected pop-up notification by Apport. Apport is a build-in Ubuntu tool to notify you whenever a program crashes. This is normal. This notification will offer just two options. Cancel and Report problem to developer.

How to Fix System Program Problem Detected in Ubuntu by Apport:

In Ubuntu the crash reports generated by programs are stored in /var/crash directory. In your terminal just run the below command to check the crash files.

ls -l /var/crash

Then using the below command, remove all the crash reports.

sudo rm -fr /var/crash/*

Then restart your system and check if it comes again. If the program crashes it will show again.

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Disable Apport:

To disable apport completely, please follow the below method.

Open your terminal, in the terminal type below command and hit enter.

gksu gedit /etc/default/apport

Type your Ubuntu password if asked. It will open the apport configuration file in gedit text editor. Just Change the enabled=1 to enabled=0. Save and close the file editor. That’s it.

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