Steam – Digital games distribution platform – How To Install Steam on Ubuntu

Steam is a popular digital games distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation.It is available foe windows, linux and mac os. It provides digital rights management (DRM), multi-player gaming and social networking services to its users.

Install Steam on Ubuntu

In the Ubuntu dash search box, type Software & Updates and click the Software & Updates to open it.

In the Ubuntu Software tab Check the box next to Software Restricted by Copyright or legal issues (Multiverse). Then click the Close button. Then accept the package index update.

Here the test OS is Ubuntu 16.10 64-bit.

Then open your terminal app and execute the below command.

sudo apt update

Then type your Ubuntu password. After that run the below command to install the steam installer.

sudo apt-get install steam

During the installation you will be asked for the steam agreement. Use the up and down keys to Scroll and Tab key to Move or select and enter to confirm it.

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First select OK and press enter.

Then scroll to I AGREE and select OK using TAB key and press enter.

It will install the steam launcher. After the successful installation restart Ubuntu and click the Dash home from unity launcher. And type steam in the search field.Then click steam to open the installed steam launcher.

It will start and update to the latest version. After that you can create a new account or login with your existing account.

To open STEAM application, type below command in your terminal app and hit enter.


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