How to Open New Tab in Ubuntu GNOME Terminal Using Command Line

GNOME is one of the most preferred desktop environments in the Linux community, with popular distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora, ZorinOS, Solus, OpenSUSE, Pop!_OS, and Debian adopting it, all of which come equipped with the GNOME Terminal. Ubuntu defaults to using the GNOME Terminal.

This tutorial guides you on opening a new terminal tab using the command line:

Open New Tab in GNOME Terminal from the Command Line:

To initiate a new terminal tab, open the terminal application (Ctrl+Alt+T) and execute the following command:

gnome-terminal --tab

Terminal new tab

For those desiring two terminal tabs, execute the following command:

gnome-terminal --tab --tab

If three terminal tabs are needed, run the following command:

gnome-terminal --tab --tab --tab
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