Please Command Line Todo Manager

Please is a free and open source command line todo manager for Linux, Windows and MacOS. Using Please app, you can add, delete your todo and make as complete and undone in a beautifully formatted terminal windows. It also shows inspirational quotes, greeting and date and time in a new tab page.

How to install Please Todo Manager on Ubuntu

It is written in Python and released under MIT License. You can easily install Please via pipx command. Open the terminal command-line app using the ctrl+alt+t keys and run below commands one by one. It will install PIPX and Please on your Ubuntu system.

sudo apt install pipx
pipx ensurepath
pipx install please-cli

please install

After the installation you can run below command to start Please todo app.


And set your name first.


please command

Add New Task

You can add new task in Please todo using below command.

please add "My First New task"

please add task


Replace “My First New task” with real task.

Show Please Tasks

To view the list of all Please tasks, run below command in the terminal.

please showtasks

please show task

The non-completed tasks are marked with a red cross.

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Mark Tasks As Done in Please

After the completion of the Task, you can mark it as done by specifying the task number as show in the command below.

If you want to mark task 1 as complete, the run command as below.

please do 1

please do

Now the completed job is marked with a green tick mark.

Mark Tasks As Undone in Please

If you want to undone task number 1, then run below command.

please undo 1

please undo

Delete Please Tasks

To delete a task from the Please todo list, run this command.

please delete 1

please delete

This command will delete the task number 1 from the list.

For the complete usage details run below command.

please --help

If you want to uninstall Please todo app, then run below comnand.

pipx uninstall please-cli
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