Tilda Terminal Emulator

Tilda is a free and open source terminal emulator application for Linux. It is a drop-down and highly configurable terminal application. You can pull up and down from the top of the screen with a special hotkey. It comes with options to change the theme, color schemes, set transparency level, change fonts, set the key binding, search bar and many more.

Tilda Terminal Emulator

How to Install Tilda Terminal on Ubuntu

To install Tilda on your Ubuntu Linux system, open the terminal app (ctrl+alt+t) and run below apt install command. It will install the latest version of Tilda on your system.

sudo apt install tilda -y

Tilda Terminal Emulator setting

Tilda Keys:

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Shift-Ctrl-T – Open new tab
Ctrl-PageUp – Next tab
Ctrl-PageDown – Previous tab
Shift-Ctrl-W – Close current tab
Shift-Ctrl-Q – Exit Tilda
Run exit command to close it or press F1 to pull down the window.

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