Xpad Sticky Notes

Xpad is a free and open source sticky notes application for Linux and MacOS. Using Xpad, you can write memos or anything and stick on your desktop. Each Xpad session consists of one or more open pads. Sticky notes are saved automatically. You can hide notes from the taskbar, set font, note color, text color, note height and width, system tray top bar support, move notes and more.

Xpad Sticky Notes

Install Xpad Sticky Notes on Ubuntu

You can install Xpad Sticky Notes app from the default Ubuntu repositories via the terminal application. Open the terminal app and run below commands. It will install the latest version of Xpad on your Ubuntu Linux system.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install xpad

After the installation you can open it from the show application menu or using below command.



Check the topbar tray icon to access it.

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Xpad Shortcut keys:

F1: Help
CTRL-Q: Quit
CTRL-W: Close current pad
CTRL-A: Select All
CTRL-Z: Undo
CTRL-Y: Redo
CTRL-N: New Pad
CTRL-B: Bold
CTRL-I: Italic
CTRL-U: Underline
SHIFT-DEL: Delete pad

That’s it.

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