No More Secrets Data Decryption Effect on Ubuntu

No More Secrets is a free and open source command line data decryption effect tool for Linux. It first shows the encrypted data like effect and after that it starts to run the decryption sequence to reveal the original characters. For this effect you need to pipe any ASCII or UTF-8 text to nms.

How to Install No More Secrets on Ubuntu

To install the latest version of nms (No More Secrets) , open the terminal app (ctrl+alt+t) and run below commands one by one.

git clone
cd ./no-more-secrets
make nms
sudo make install

No More Secrets install

After the successful installation of No More Secrets run below command to check the effect.

ls -l | nms -a

No More Secrets

Some other examples:

ls -l | nms -s
ls -l | nms -f green
ls -l | nms -c
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Uninstall nms on Ubuntu

In the terminal run below commands to uninstall No More Secrets tool.

cd ./no-more-secrets
sudo make uninstall
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