The Matrix Falling Green Characters on Ubuntu Terminal

CMatrix is a free and open source The Matrix rain effect tool for Linux. Using CMatrix, you can easily create Matrix falling green characters like effect in your terminal app. It is released under GNU General Public License v3.0. You can adjust the falling speed, enable bold characters, change the color of the falling character and more. It also comes with Linux mode, lock more, Screensaver mode, X window mode, rainbow mode and lambda mode.

The Matrix effect on terminal

How to Install cmatrix on Ubuntu

To install the latest version of CMatrix, in the terminal app (ctrl+alt+t) run below apt install command.

sudo apt install cmatrix

After the successful installation of CMatrix, run below command.


During the cmatrix execution, you can run below keyboard shortcuts.

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0-9 – number to adjust the falling update speed
b – Include aandom bold characters
B – Change to all bold characters
n – To turn off all bold characters
a – Toggle asynchronous scroll

You can also change falling green color to some other color.

Press ! for red. Like this press @ – green, # – yellow, $ – blue, % – magenta, ^ – cyan, & – white, ) – black.

For the complete usage and help details run below commands.

man cmatrix
cmatrix -h
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