How to install Raincat puzzle game on Ubuntu

Raincat is a free and open source 2D puzzle game for windows and Linux. This is a simple puzzle game with a cat in the lead role.This game is heavily inspired from the old games like Lemmings and The Incredible Machine. In this game the game play is you need to guide the cat safe and dry to the end of each level. You need to protect the cat from the rain, puddles, and loose fire hydrants. It is released under BSD-3-Clause license.

Install Raincat game on Ubuntu

You can install Raincat puzzle game via the snap package on Ubuntu.Open your terminal application (ctrl+alt+t) and run this Raincat snap installation command.

sudo snap install raincat-test

Then enter your Ubuntu password to confirm the installation. Then open from your application list or search raincat.

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You can also install it via below command

sudo apt update
sudo apt install raincat

then run the game using


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