NetSurf Small Lightweight Web Browser

NetSurf is a free and open source tiny small web browser for RISC OS, Linux, Haiku & BeOS, AmigaOS, Windows and Atari. One of its defining characteristics is its minimalistic footprint, making it an ideal choice for systems with modest specifications. At the core of NetSurf is its proprietary layout engine, crafted in-house, which distinguishes it from other browsers. Developed in the C programming language, NetSurf operates under the GNU General Public License version 2, emphasizing the principles of openness and collaboration.

NetSurf Web Browser

It is engineered to run on a 30MHz ARM 6 computer with a mere 16MB of RAM, underscoring its efficiency and accessibility for a wide range of hardware configurations. While its primary focus is on efficiency, NetSurf currently supports HTML 4 and CSS 2.1, offering a simple yet functional browsing experience. It also incorporates limited JavaScript support, although dynamic content may be somewhat limited.

Key features of NetSurf include robust support for HTTPS and Unicode, ensuring secure and multilingual web exploration. The browser further enhances user experience with features such as webpage top previews, a history manager, a bookmark manager, a cookie manager, and more. Despite its lightweight design, NetSurf manages to deliver essential functionalities, making it a viable choice for users seeking a streamlined and resource-efficient web browsing solution.

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Download NetSurf [Windows, Linux, RISC, Haiku, BeOS, AmigaOS, Atari]

Install NetSurf Web Browser on Ubuntu

You can install NetSurf Web Browser via the flatpak package file. Open your terminal software (ctrl+alt+t) and run below below NetSurf flatpak installation command.

flatpak install flathub org.netsurf_browser.NetSurf

If you don’t have flatpak and flathub on your system, just follow below link to install in on your Ubuntu system. After flatpak installation restart your system.

How to install flatpak and flathub

You can open tiny NetSurf Web Browser via the below command.

flatpak run org.netsurf_browser.NetSurf

And you can also uninstall it using below commands.

flatpak uninstall org.netsurf_browser.NetSurf


sudo flatpak uninstall org.netsurf_browser.NetSurf
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