How to add google search option in Firefox on Linux Mint

In linux mint the default web browser is mozilla firefox. In firefox the default search engine is yahoo. And it also comes with four other search engines like Startpage, DuckDuckGo, and Wikipedia. If your are google fan then you definitely miss it. To add google search engine to your firefox web browser, just follow below steps.

Add Google search option in firefox on Linux Mint

Open mozilla firefox.Click the firefox menu and select Preferences.


Then click the search menu in the sidebar.


Now scroll down and click the Add more search engines.. link.


It will open this page in a new tab. Scroll down and find google under the Commercial engines . And click the Google Icon.

It will Open  this page. Now head over to the firefox search bar. And click the green plus icon. And then select Add Google.



Now in preferences Search menu, elect google as the default search engine. That it.

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