How to Upgrade to Ubuntu 23.10 from Ubuntu 23.04

Ubuntu 23.10 is now available for download and install. If you have Ubuntu 23.04 and want to upgrade to 23.10, then follow this article. First you need to install all pending Ubuntu 23.04 updates. To do this open the terminal application (ctrl+alt+t) and run below commands one by one.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

And restart your system if needed and requested. Run same above commands 2 to 3 times to install all the available Ubuntu 23.04 update.

After that open the software & Updates from the Show apps Ubuntu dock menu. Just search software & Updates for easy find.

software updater

Click the Updates tab and set Notify me of a new Ubuntu version to For any new version. And click the close button.

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Ubuntu software and updates

Now open the Software Updater app to check for updates. Click the Show apps Ubuntu dock menu and search for Software Updater.

Now click the Upgrade button and finish the update process.

Ubuntu 23 10 update notification

Force Ubuntu Upgrade

If you still not received that upgrade window , then in the terminal run below command.

sudo do-release-upgrade -d

If above not work then restart your system and also try below command.

sudo update-manager -d

Note: Do not close or cancel the upgrade process before complete. It may broke the system.

Ubuntu 23 10 release note

Ubuntu distribution upgrade

Ubuntu upgrade confirmation

After successful upgrade restart your system.

ubuntu 23 10 desktop




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