Create ASCII Text Banners in Terminal with FIGlet and TOIlet

FIGlet is a small command-line tool. Using this you can generate ASCII text banners and large letters from the terminal text. TOIlet is also a command-line tool and using this you can generate colorful large characters from your terminal text. In this article you will see how to install and use FIGlet and TOIlet on Ubuntu.

FIGlet and TOIlet

Install FIGlet and TOIlet on Ubuntu

You can install FIGlet and TOIlet via the terminal application. Open the terminal (ctrl+alt+t) and run below commands to install FIGlet and TOIlet on your Ubuntu system.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install figlet toilet

FIGlet Usage:

In terminal run

figlet CONNECTwww

You can align output center,left and right by -c,-l,-r flags

figlet -c CONNECTwww
figlet -l CONNECTwww
figlet -r CONNECTwww

You can control the text width -w and -t flag

figlet -w 110
figlet -t

You can also change the fonts using -f flag.

figlet -f pagga CONNECTwww

You can check the available fonts via below command

ls /usr/share/figlet/

For the complete man pages

man figlet

TOIlet Usage:

In terminal app run

toilet CONNECTwww

Filter the text

toilet --filter metal CONNECTwww

If you want to change fonts

toilet -f smscript CONNECTwww

For the complete usage details.

man toilet

That’s all.

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