Lan Mouse : Mouse and Keyboard Sharing Software

Lan Mouse is a free and open source software solution that enables users to control multiple computers with a single mouse and keyboard, similar to Universal Control on Apple devices. It functions as a software KVM switch, allowing seamless control of multiple PCs from a single peripherals set.

Lan Mouse

The software is designed primarily for Wayland-based Linux systems, providing seamless mouse and keyboard sharing between multiple Linux desktops. However, Lan Mouse also offers partial support for Windows, macOS, and Linux running on Xorg, making it a cross-platform solution.

Download Lan Mouse [Linux, Windows, MacOS]

How to install Lan Mouse on Ubuntu

Download the latest version of Lan Mouse from the download link provided above and save it to your Downloads folder. Right-click on the downloaded “lan-mouse” program file and select Properties.

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Lan Mouse software

Then check the option to allow the file to execute as a program, and close the window. Now right-click on the file again and select Run to open it.

Lan Mouse installation


You can also start Lan Mouse using below commands one by one.

cd Downloads
sudo chmod +x ~ lan-mouse
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