Rxvt Unicode Terminal Emulator

Rxvt Unicode is a free terminal emulator application for Linux. It is a highly customizable, Unicode-enabled terminal emulator. One of its standout features is proper Unicode text support, allowing it to correctly display and handle international languages. urxvt-unicode is also locale-aware, automatically adjusting input, output, and character spacing according to your locale settings.

Rxvt Unicode Terminal Emulator

For convenience, Rxvt Unicode can run as a daemon process and be invoked only when needed. Tabbed terminals are supported for managing multiple sessions within one window. Text selection is powered by customizable Perl regular expressions, and extensive key bindings are available for operations like search/paste/URL opening.

Additionally, it includes a block graphics filter to convert old block formats into ASCII art. With its deep Unicode support, localization, advanced text handling, and customizability, rxvt Unicode provides an efficient and flexible terminal environment for Linux users and system administrators.

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How to Install Rxvt Unicode on Ubuntu Linux

To install the latest version of Rxvt Unicode terminal emulator, open the terminal app (ctrl+alt+t) and run below Rxvt Unicode install command.

sudo apt install rxvt-unicode

After the installation you can open it via the Show Apps application menu or via below command.

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